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4 Helpful tips for selling a home where pets lived

Selling a standard home can be quite a task – more so when you’re selling one that has long been a sanctuary for you and your fur babies. You may have grown accustomed to the sight and smells of the home you shared with the furry member...

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pet friendly

Pet-friendly spots in Wenatchee, WA

Wenatchee, WA may be known as the Apple Capital of the World but something else distinguishes it from other cities in the state. Here, you won’t run out of unique and fun places that cater to the furry members of your family. For a be...

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A small house model, kets, money, and calculator on the table

Expected costs and fees when selling a house

There’s more to selling a house than simply raking in the profits from your investment. You need to make sure that you do rake in the profits when you sell your house, and that means preparing yourself for some necessary expenses.  F...

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Two small house models being held with rent or buy

Which is better: buying or renting a home?

Whether you’re moving elsewhere or moving out of the home you grew up in to eke out a life on your own, the question of buying or renting your living space comes into mind. While buying a home may seem to be the most ideal option, there a...

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A sales agent offering a home purchase to a client

3 Reasons why tenant screening is important

Homes in the State of Washington have been historically highly priced, driven primarily by a scarcity in housing stock. This situation drives more people in the area to consider renting – but even opportunities for renting in the state ar...

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Hand reaching for the horizon during sunset

6 reasons to consider lakeside living in Washington

Living by the lake can feel like you’re perpetually on vacation, what with the sights and sounds you witness on the daily. However, aside from the physical attributes, there are other benefits to living lakeside. Here are six reasons why ...

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A smiling plus size woman

5 ways to spend your free time while staying home

Being cooped up at home during the pandemic was challenging to say the least. At first, it was nice not to have to get dressed, go out, and travel to work every day; but after a while, being in the same place all day every day can take its ...

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