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Wenatchee Homes

Wenatchee real estate continues to thrive

We are deep into 2022 and approaching the tail end of the third quarter. Here is a quick look at how Wenatchee's local housing market is faring. How is Wenatchee real estate doing? Wenatchee real estate remains as competitive as ever ...

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Just A Few More Steps To The Waterfall

A hiking guide to Wenatchee, WA

With Wenatchee’s location near the foothills of the Cascades, it comes as no surprise that the seat of Chelan County offers countless hiking opportunities. Regardless of the season, make this your essential guide to hiking in Wenatchee WA...

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Exterior Of The Nutcracker Museum In Leavenworth Washington

What to do in Leavenworth, WA this summer

Leavenworth is famously known as Washington’s “German Town,” but there’s more to summer in the Bavarian-themed community than bratwurst and beer gardens. Set in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, Leavenworth offers a wide range...

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Lake Wenatchee State Park Washington

Summer activities in Wenatchee, WA

In the heart of Washington State lies the town of Wenatchee, and while it may be small, it certainly packs a punch when it comes to summertime fun. From river rafting and hiking to golf and fishing, Wenatchee has something for everyone to e...

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waterfront home

Keeping your waterfront home safe from the elements

Owning waterfront property is a dream for many people, and with good reason. Lakes, rivers, and the ocean are very attractive and desirable locations, offering homeowners stunning views and contributing to their well being. Moreover, w...

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Young woman enjoying hot drink in nature during sunset by lake

Lakefront living and your health

Lakefront living is an exciting prospect for many people because it provides so many opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment. And there’s the undeniable fact that living by the water grants you all the privacy you need for your peace o...

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Landscaped lakeside home for sale

Tips for landscaping your lakeside home

Landscaped lakefront homes are easier to sell. They stay in the market for a shorter time because their added value makes them irresistible. Here are landscaping ideas that not only work with nature. They make your lakefront home sell ...

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Staging your lakefront home for sale

How to stage your lakefront home for sale

A lakefront home is a gem of a place. It gives full access to the water, where one can indulge in leisure activities like swimming, boating, fishing, sailing, and others anytime. But sparkling waters and amazing views do not translate t...

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