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Boost your curb appeal with these exterior paint colors

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The role that exterior paint color plays in selling a home is one that is often overlooked, especially when preparing the property for sale means renovating major sections of the property, like the kitchen or living room. But, as indicated by studies suggesting everything from paint colors to avoid hues that could lead to higher offers, it can definitely impact your property’s appeal.

What should you consider when it comes to picking exterior paint colors? Here are a few home selling tips.


A cardinal rule: paint the house to appeal to a wide range of prospective buyers, not to suit your personal taste. That’s why it’s always best to work with whites or off-whites because you can’t go wrong with the classics.

The blank canvases evoked by off-whites can also help prospective buyers imagine how else they can embellish a property, adding further to its appeal.

Also consider: Alabaster

While many white and off-white hues can make an exterior look cleaner and sleeker, alabaster remains widely recommended. Warm with creamy undertones, without shading into yellows, alabaster is easier on the eyes than stark white.  Alabaster exteriors also provide a sharp, elegant contrast to darker-hued shingles, shutters, window frames, and trims.


Speaking of darker paint, the front door is an element that takes beautifully to a shade of charcoal, smoke, or jet.

While that may sound unusual as far as  home selling tips go, a published study on front-door colors revealed black doors were a top choice among respondents who were asked to identify the houses they found most attractive and the prices they would pay for them. People even said they were willing to pay $6,000 more than the price of a typical house.

Also consider: Slate Blue

Do you feel black is too bold? The same survey revealed that people were more likely to bid on a home with slate blue doors. With blue evoking peace, tranquility, clear skies, and serene waters, slate blue might be a better color choice in the Pacific Northwest.


Another cardinal rule: paint houses so that they suit their surrounding communities. If the neighborhood is full of Victorian homes, then paint the house you’re selling according to Victorian styles.

This also means choosing colors that match the trends and tastes of the area. Coppery reds, flaming oranges, and the intensity of turquoise might be perfect for houses in the Southwest, but how would those colors look on homes in the Pacific Northwest?

Also consider: A special palette

Commercial paint manufacturer, Benjamin Moore, devised a color palette inspired by the majestic landscapes of the region. With gray, brown, gold, green, and blue paints evoking everything from verdant forest to misty coastline, this selection might win over a prospective homebuyer wanting to live in the Pacific Northwest.


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