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Outdoor landscape ideas for your waterfront home

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Luxury living turns up several notches when you own a waterfront home. With the water element added to your exteriors, you get more options for customizing your property and transforming your outdoor spaces into resort-level venues for relaxing, entertaining guests, or engaging in fun water-based activities.

Here are some landscape ideas to boost the aesthetics and value of your waterfront home.


This home feature offers a relaxing venue for enjoying the cool and crisp lakeshore air and stunning views of water and nature all around. A great spot to have your morning coffee or gaze at the sunset, a patio or deck is also a social hub to bring the family together and entertain friends.

Make it warm and inviting by adding some patio furniture, accent chairs, lounges, hammocks, hanging daybeds, coastal-inspired pillows, blankets, rugs, and other decor.


Combining opposites like fire and water is a trend in landscaping that would work great in a waterfront home setting. An eye-catching addition, the fire pit becomes a focal point for relaxing, stargazing, or having outdoor parties by sundown. Functional as it is beautiful, this feature is a great place for keeping warm not just on chilly evenings but also all year round.

Fire pits are traditionally made of bricks but there are modern versions that use propane or natural gas and are smokeless. There are still other styles and materials to choose from such as concrete, iron cast, copper, and steel.


Walkways are a great way of connecting your home’s interiors and exteriors seamlessly. They also provide safe and easy access to the water’s edge. Choose from a variety of materials to use for your home’s walkway, including panel wood, bricks, gray gravel, bark mulch, stamped concrete, stones, and pebbles, among many others. Just make sure that the material you choose will complement the style of your home exterior for a cohesive look that will increase the visual appeal of your waterfront home.


Outdoor landscape lighting is a bright idea – literally and figuratively – if you want to keep your waterfront home’s curb appeal on point even after the sun sets. On top of giving your home a warm glow in the evenings, illuminating your home’s exteriors also acts as a deterrent to unwanted guests who won’t be able to hide in the shadows. Plus, it adds a layer of safety as it lights up the path as you navigate your property at night.

There are several outdoor lighting options to choose from, including string lights, ground lanterns, or floodlights.


A lush garden filled with a wide variety of flowers, plants, and trees automatically ups the ante on your waterfront home’s value and aesthetics. Consider planting native flowers that can attract insects beneficial to the local ecosystem, as well as trees that provide shade and balance among all the elements in your garden. To reduce lawn maintenance, use some ground cover plants with splashes of color.

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