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The essential guide to camping in Leavenworth


A plethora of outdoor adventures can be had in and around Leavenworth, but if you want a complete immersion without going on a tiring thru-hike, we recommend camping. Use this essential guide to plan your trip.

Where to go camping

There are several places to go to pitch your tent and spend a night (or two) surrounded by Central Washington wilderness, including:

  • Lake Wenatchee State Park

    Located about 19 miles north of Leavenworth, you’ll have plenty of space at Lake Wenatchee State Park. It covers over 500 acres of pristine land, plus access to the entire Lake Wenatchee coastline. The camping park is open all year round, even in the winter, which is when you can use heated bathrooms and shelters.

    It’s highly advised to bring your own supplies when camping at Lake Wenatchee State Park, but in case you forget or run out of certain items, the park’s general store might have you covered. You can check out its day-to-day offerings here.

  • Wenatchee River Ranger District

    Deep within the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest (which stretches across 1.7 million acres of land) is the Wenatchee River Ranger District. It’s also massive at nearly 700,000 acres and features several campgrounds and RV camping sites. You can find more information about each individual campsite here.

    Camping at Wenatchee River Ranger District puts you right in the middle of several outdoor activities. Mountain biking trails weave throughout the area for more fast-paced explorations. If you want to go rock-climbing at Castle Rock, this is also the place to be. Fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and skiing in the winter are some of the other activities you can enjoy here.

  • Thousand Trails

    This RV camp is surrounded by 300 acres of great outdoors, offering plenty of opportunities for hiking, fishing, and skiing and snowmobile rides in the winter. Camping here is a little more elevated— you can choose to rent the cottage or lodge room of your choice.

When to go camping

Depending on where you choose to camp, camping is a year-round activity you can partake in Leavenworth. Spring is beautiful and colorful, but occasional rain showers can mean muddy trails and campgrounds. The same can be said for camping in autumn, but the cooler weather and the foliage alone are worth every raindrop that falls on your tent.

If stargazing is going to be a main event in your camping trip, clear skies are plentiful in the summer. Daytime temperatures can be hot, but ample tree cover will keep you cool and comfortable. Don’t forget, however, to bring enough water for your stay. Finally, as mentioned above, winter camping is doable especially at Lake Wenatchee State Park, where you can use warming shelters and heated restrooms.

No matter when you decide to go camping, pack the appropriate gear and clothing. Year-round essentials include:

  • Four-season tent
  • Headlamp
  • Insulated sleeping pad and bag
  • Trash bags
  • Extra change of clothes
  • Raincoat or light jacket
  • Sun protection
  • Personal medication
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Towel
  • Compass
  • Extra batteries and charging cables
  • Required licenses (in case you’re fishing, hunting, etc.)

Live near adventure

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