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Make your outdoor space cozier with these backyard upgrades

Make your outdoor space

The pandemic has underscored the need for outdoor spaces, especially since these can serve as areas where homeowners can safely socialize with friends and neighbors. So, if you’re looking to improve your own outdoor space, we have some great ideas on how you can upgrade your backyard.

Outdoor furniture

Invest in comfortable chairs that provide ample back support, or sofas and lounges with deep cushions. These furniture should be made of sturdy materials like aluminum, synthetic resin, teak, and powder-coated steel to make sure they’re protected from the elements. As for fabric and cushions, select durable weather-resistant fabric that gets cleaned easily and dries quickly. If you have a patio, adding a large, colorful rug will add a bright spot without having to invest in paint or wood stain. Express your personal style by choosing the colors, styles, and patterns that appeal to you.

If your outdoor space has a large, shady tree with plenty of space beneath it, why not build a tree bench?

Invest in a patio, deck, or trellis

Adding a patio or deck is one of the best upgrades you can have for your outdoor space. They can be the best venues on your property for lounging outside or entertaining guests. Plus, they provide a firm surface for outdoor furniture to rest on. Value-wise, these features boost your yard’s appeal and give one of the biggest boosts to your home’s resale value.

A patio or deck doesn’t have to be big. For small spaces, a deck that’s big enough to contain two loungers or perhaps just a small table and a couple of chairs will do.

If you’re still not ready to commit to a major backyard project, then consider adding a trellis. They’re easy to build and make excellent displays for climbing roses or vines. You can even plant vertical-growing vegetables on your trellis.

Install some backyard lighting

Lights in your backyard allow you to use this living space even when the sun goes down. Buy torches or lanterns to give your backyard some soft light or wrap your trees in white or yellow lights. You can also opt for solar-powered accent lights or low-voltage lights that will highlight specific landscape features. If you have the budget, consider buying commercial-grade outdoor lighting with warranties that can withstand the elements.

When you’re installing lighting fixtures, keep the local wildlife and your neighbors in mind. Just add the lights that you need and purchase lighting that’s wildlife-friendly.

Bring the kitchen outdoors

Extending your kitchen outdoors is a great idea! Just add a small countertop for food preparation and think about investing in closed storage and a separate side burner. If you’re on a budget, all you need is a basic barbecue grill.

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