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Which is better: buying or renting a home?

Two small house models being held with rent or buy

Whether you’re moving elsewhere or moving out of the home you grew up in to eke out a life on your own, the question of buying or renting your living space comes into mind. While buying a home may seem to be the most ideal option, there are circumstances that may have you leaning toward renting one. 

Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of these two living options can point people in this dilemma toward the right direction so they can make well-informed decisions. If you are weighing these options yourself, then here’s a guide to help you out.

Buying a house


Houses and other real estate properties build equity over time, which means that buying a house can actually help homeowners grow their long-term wealth. In addition, buying a house also allows homeowners to take advantage of annual tax write-offs and mortgage interest payment deductions, both of which can amount to significant savings.

Moreover, buying a house also gives homeowners a greater sense of privacy compared to renters, as well as the freedom to change and customize their living space as they see fit.


Prospective homeowners are required to put down a massive investment for upfront payments when buying a house. These payments consist of the down payment, inspection and appraisal fees, professional fees, moving costs, and closing costs — all of which can easily bear down on a home buyer’s budget. 

Buying a home is also a long-term commitment that comes with its own slate of financial responsibilities. These responsibilities include keeping up with monthly mortgage payments, costs related to home maintenance and insurance, and property taxes. That said, this endeavor becomes more suited for those who have a stable financial base. 

Renting a house


Probably the most essential reason for renting a house is that the monthly rent is relatively smaller than monthly mortgage dues. Even the upfront fees prior to moving in are not as heavy on one’s finances as the down payment on a purchased home.

Relocating from rented living quarters is also easier as there’s no burden of going through the entire process of home selling prior to the move. This setup is attractive to those who want a more flexible and mobile lifestyle.


The biggest disadvantage to renting is that while it can help build one’s credit — provided that the landlord reports rent payments to credit bureaus — a tenant’s monthly payments don’t build any equity. This means that they don’t get to keep the property no matter how long they lived here. 

Customizations are usually not an option for renters, although there are landlords who may agree to leasehold improvement, especially if the said customizations will improve the tenant’s living conditions.

Pet ownership is another iffy issue between tenants and landlords. Many landlords don’t agree to pets on their property or may limit the number of allowed pets. 

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