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What you should know about buying and owning new construction homes

What you should know about buying and owning new construction homes

Should you buy a new construction home? Here’s what you need to know about purchasing and maintaining a newly built property.

Smart home technology

New construction is often synonymous with the latest in home automation. And while these flourishes may seem like extra bells and whistles, home automation can definitely make your life easier and much more enjoyable.
Smart home technology is great for keeping your home safe and secure – CCTVs, for instance, allow you to monitor your home when you’re at work or away on vacation while no-touch faucets allow you to observe proper hygiene and sanitation.


New construction homes are built to modern energy-efficiency standards and regulations. Moreover, they come with brand new energy star-certified appliances that consume less energy without sacrificing performance and longevity. This can help keep your utility bills low, translating to savings in the long-term. It can also help you conserve energy and minimize your impact on the environment.

Modern conveniences

Creature comforts like radiant floor heating, motion sensor lights, smart dimmer switches, and more can make Lake Chelan winters more bearable – and not to mention more enchanting – for the entire household.

You can expect to find cable TV-and wifi-ready new construction homes with smart technology. This is rarely the case with older homes, the majority of which will require significant upgrades to include modern luxuries like the ones mentioned.

Contemporary design

Ever seen an older home that just looks hopelessly dated? This tends to be the case for properties with owners who can’t be bothered to keep their décor on-trend. The good thing about new construction is that the interior will reflect contemporary design trends that will make decorating your home more fun and enjoyable.

Move-in ready

Most new construction homes are turn-key ready, meaning you can move in with your stuff as soon as you close the deal and the papers are transferred to your name. You can expect everything, from the HVAC system to all the bathroom fixtures, to work as they should.

Older homes, by comparison, might require extensive renovation work in order for you to make sure that you’ll be comfortable upon moving in. At the very least, you may have to make basic repairs to leaking faucets or broken door knobs due to the wear and tear commonly observed in older homes.

Builder’s warranty

According to the New Home Source, the average age of a resale home in the United States is 40 years. Older homes are charming and cozy but they require a certain level of upkeep. The roof may need replacing, for example, or the HVAC system may need to be updated.

With new construction homes, everything has just been recently installed, and so there is no need for replacements. If something does break, the builder’s warranty should cover it. This helps offset the relatively higher costs of buying a newly built home as opposed to an older property.

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