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Lakefront living and your health

young woman enjoying hot drink in nature during sunset by lake

Lakefront living is an exciting prospect for many people because it provides so many opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment. And there’s the undeniable fact that living by the water grants you all the privacy you need for your peace of mind and lends a feeling of exclusivity as well. Lakefront living has other, more concrete benefits, however, ones that directly impact your health.

An abundance of fresh air

Among the most valuable things you can derive from living by the lake is the abundance of fresh air. It helps improve your blood pressure, immune system, and increases your energy levels. And you’ll definitely feel the difference if you move from the city. You may even notice that you’re breathing much more easily and that you may experience fewer allergy attacks now that you’re living far away from polluted areas.

The motivation to move

Lakefront living also means that you have plenty of opportunities to engage in physical activities. The water is much more accessible, and you’ll be able to go swimming, boating, kayaking, or fishing any time you want. And because waterfront properties also tend to have larger backyards, you can also utilize your open space as a workout area. You can even get your steps in by walking around the neighborhood every day. With all the space available to you and the easy access to water, you now have every chance to finally get into the sports and physical activities that you’ve always wanted to try, helping improve your fitness and stamina in the long run.

A great way to sleep better

With all the activities available to you and the fresh, clean surroundings, you’ll find yourself sleeping better. Getting plenty of good-quality sleep is a key component of good health, being essential for lowering your blood sugar and improving tissue and muscle repair, weight control, and your mood.

The means to improve mental health

Moreover, living by the water is basically living closer to nature, and having ready access to the great outdoors does wonders for your mental health. According to the American Psychological Association, being exposed to nature is linked to many benefits, such as enhanced attention, lower stress, better mood, and reduced risk of psychiatric disorders, among others. Managing your stress and your moods is now recognized as a key aspect of maintaining your overall health, and doing so can help you lower your blood pressure, reduce inflammation in the body, and improve your digestion.

The route to achieving “blue mind”

Most studies on the link between nature and improved health tend to focus more on forests and green spaces, but research on the benefits of living near or simply seeing water is growing. The term “blue mind” was coined by marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols in his book on how water affects our well-being, and it basically refers to how the mind becomes more relaxed with less stimulation and by simply gazing out at water views.

A release from stress

Lakefront living makes all the beauty of nature available just right outside your doorstep, and even if you don’t take part in water activities every day, you will still feel like you’re on vacation every day in your own private have, and simply relaxing at home and enjoying the views will be enough to put you at ease and reduce your stress.

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