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Keeping your waterfront home safe from the elements

waterfront home

Owning a waterfront property is a dream for many people, and with good reason. Lakes, rivers, and the ocean are very attractive and desirable locations, offering homeowners stunning views and contributing to their well being.

Moreover, waterfront properties also tend to be high-value ones. Therefore, maintaining them ensures that their value remains high. Most importantly, a well-maintained waterfront home means it will be in the best shape to keep you and your family safely sheltered.

And this is one of the realities of owning a waterfront property – it requires more upkeep than an inland home. Homes located near the water are especially exposed to the elements – the humidity is higher and flooding is an imminent possibility. That is why you have to be mindful and alert to any changes occurring in your property.

Here are some ways for you to protect your waterfront home:

Consider house lifting

House lifting is the process of raising a house from its foundation. It is undertaken in order to move the house to a different location, erect a new foundation, or to keep the structure safe from flooding. As house lifting is a major undertaking, find out if your house is in the right condition to be lifted, figure out potential hazards that could worsen the situation, and determine the minimum base flood elevation level for your area. Working with an engineer is the smartest step you can take for this approach.

Undertake repairs immediately

Check the house for cracks, chipped areas, or mold. Resolve these issues immediately. Exposure to the elements means that conditions could deteriorate quickly.

Add a seawall

A seawall protects your home against floods and increases your property value. If your property already has a seawall, have it inspected to make sure it’s still in good condition. Otherwise, have it repaired or replaced entirely.

Combat erosion through other means

Don’t let erosion degrade the shoreline of your waterfront property. A seawall helps prevent erosion but there are other methods you can employ. Add biodegradable erosion blankets and nets in areas where vegetation can’t grow. Otherwise, plant suitable shrubs and grasses; native species are recommended to prevent upsetting the ecosystem. Trees are a longer-term solution.

Winterize your lake home

If you use your lake home as a summer retreat, make sure it remains protected throughout winter. Shut off your water systems. Drain pumps, water heaters, and items that collect water such as spray hoses, kitchen and bathroom sinks, and toilets (flush before you leave).  Cover your chimney and check openings to prevent stray animals from burrowing in. Remove combustible elements from the house including ashes from the fireplace, paint, gas containers, and rags with turpentine.

Your waterfront property is one of the biggest investments you can make in your life. It’s your own special getaway, and you’ll have more peace of mind when you know that your home is well maintained and safe from potential damage.

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