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A new face for coldwell banker and how we are celebrating

As a franchise, Coldwell Banker decided to complete a transparent rebrand!  They started with a new logo and went through extensive experimenting with their new look. This new face for Coldwell Banker, dubbed as, “Project North Star” was finalized, providing a new visual identity and mission for the company. The company’s main focus when including the star in their logo, was to symbolize their position on guiding their clients and representing leaders in the real estate industry.

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In addition to the logo, new yard signs, marketing materials, office concepts, and brand apparel were created. Coldwell Banker also created a new mission statement which reads as follows, “We empower our people to leave their mark on the world of real estate.” This is a bold and creative approach to real estate, one which will help the company focus on its core principals; home, awesomeness, ingenuity and excellence.

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Coldwell Banker Generation Blue Conference, Las Vegas, NV 2019

This transparent rebranding extends to every branch of Coldwell Banker, including our very own Chelan branch! To celebrate all the hard work and effort put into the beautiful changes that our branch has done, we hosted a launch party! The party was organized mainly by our Director of Marketing, Javes Escalera, Office Manager Ruth Escalera, and Office Administrator,  Maria Cisneros. The party took place on Friday afternoon of January 17, 2020 and was a success! With tons of CB merchandise, drinks, and treats to offer, there were over thirty people in attendance. This was great publicity for our branch and served as a chance to show off the company’s new look. Thank you to all who came and supported us! Our local offices are committed to Guiding North Central Washington Home, by serving clients in Chelan, Winthrop, and now Wenatchee. Come check out our Chelan office and see the new changes for yourself!

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Coldwell Banker and Lake Chelan Properties, Lake Chelan, WA